Team Vista

Team Vista
Time for complete is nothing,Enjoy the journey is what we mean.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Thanks for Alice Lee to took some pro photo for TEAM VISTA
Actually we all ride slow,but the effect make us fly.Great panning tactic.

The photo is took from 29-05-2011,when TEAM VISTA join the SP SETIA ECO CYCLOTHON.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Don't Join The Wrong Cycling Team.别選錯脚车隊伍.

Before you want to join a group of cycling team make sure you know what you want.
Normally,Cycling team have 4 categories.1)Pro team. 2)Racing team. 3) Extreme Team. 4)Fun Team.
1)專業组. 2)競技组. 3)刺激组. 4)歡遊组

1) Pro Team : is a professional team that sponsor by big company & their mission is to win the international race.

2) Racing team: is a team that form by normal people that like to chase for the victory .Their target is not ride for health only ride for win .

3) Extreme Team : is a group of people who like to go for down hill & challenge the slope of the mountain or hill.

4) Fun Team : is a team that gathering a group of friend , only ride for fun & enjoy the travel . Fun team never talk about training is only talk about riding & travelling.

Finally, make sure you join the correct team than you can really start to enjoy your ride.

This Week(29-5-2011) TEAM VISTA Is Dance For Fun!

As usual is reach the day for TEAM VISTA weekly event. This week one of our rider Aun,invite us to join the Eco Cyclothon  organised by his club house SP Setia near Sungai Ara area.This event entry fees is just RM10.Is start from 8am in front of the new display show room,the route is to ride through all the housing area in side the SP Setia. Even though is a small event ,but is well organised.This event provide light breakfast,& fantastic lucky draw.Total riding time is take about 20 minute & the distance is about 10 km,we feel very happy that two of our team rider PIO & POH also get a good lucky present.

During this ride we saw a lot of young & old people riding along with us, some people even asking how fast that we can round Penang island;but we just smile & reply:How fast is not important enjoy the journey is what we want.
Ya,nearly forget to mention,this event also must thanks for three young photographer,Alice,Alan,Betsy to join us.
Beside of fun riding,this time TEAM VISTA not only RIDE FOR FUN,also DANCE FOR FUN.Thanks again for SP Setia to arrange such a wonderful & peaceful cycling event for us.Please click to view how TEAM VISTA DANCE FOR FUN !  Click here & see how TEAM VISTA not ride for fun ,but DANCE FOR FUN

Friday, 27 May 2011

Bicycle been stolen again! 脚车又被偷!

Bicycle been stolen again! Why must buy so expensive & branded bike? Cycling is a sport of power & stamina game. How expensive & branded part you use will not help you to move faster. Always remember cyclist is a engine & the bike only is a chassis.If you understand this theory,you will find out cycling is a economical & enjoyable game.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ayer Itam Dam fun ride 22-5-2011

This week end. As usual Team Vista from Relau start their weekly fun ride. The total distance of this trail is 25km. From 7am we start the ride. Go through Paya Terbung 4km 30 degree slop tar road to Ayer Itam wet market.From the beside of Kek Loke Si temple. we start to climb.

 Our captain Kenfrie due to lent his mountain bike to team rider Muhaidi ,so he need to use his roadie Camino to climb this 3 km 45% slop hill to Ayer Itam Dam.We all using 30 minute to reach the Dam . its really tired but is really fun. In the Dam we are luckily meet 3 young photographer. They shoot this beautiful photo for us.

 We rest about 30 minute & start to down hill.We all enjoy the down hill from the dam,is really slop & fast.only need about 10 minute we all safely reach the ground.We start to turn back to Relau, using about 30 minute we already back to our favorites coffee store to enjoy our break fast.Total journey of this week end is 25 km & the time is 2 & half hour.This event is short but we all really enjoy for this event.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The History of Team Vista

Team Vista is form by a group of Penang Island cyclist who like to travel & enjoy through cycling in DEC 2010.
The word:Vista,is a Italian word means View. it suit us because only by cycling we can see a lot of the different views in our surrounding that can't be seen when you are driving the car.

Team Vista is not a speedy racing cycling team. Our mission is to travel,enjoy & have fun through the cycling journey. For us time of complete is not an issue enjoy the journey is what we want.Thats why our team slogan is Ride For Fun.

Today our lovely earth is injured. Hope that every one will give a little bit commitment to help this major issue.If everyone take care of this issue,
it will help our future world will be more & more better.
Finally, hope all the  cyclist ride safe & Ride For Fun !