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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fun Ride To Gunung Jerai (October 9, 2011)

Long time didn't have a nice trip like this.This is Team Vista first time go to another state to have a fun cycling event.The destination is a 1200 meter height moutain in Kedah state name: Gunung Jerai.

This event start at 6.30am( a bit early due to we all must driving almost 140 km to another state to start this event).Today morning is a raining day,all of us also worry about the weather.Due to if the rain didn't stop,is very dangerous for us to climb this mountain.This event total we have 29 rider to join.After we met all rider at Penang bridge, & we start driving to Kedah state.On the way of driving,the rain still falling.It is lucky that when we reach Gurun,Kedah the rain has stop.At about 8.00am ,we reach the bottom of Gunung Jerai.After park our car , we all set up our bike & ready to roll. Actual starting time to climd is 8.30am.We all one by one to climb the hill.

The total distance of this uphill tar road is 12 km(with out flat road).We split in three group.The first group is to lead & speed up to the hill,the second group is to cover some no stamina first group rider;& the last group is for the rookie.All the way to Gunung Jerai have 3 rest point.The 3 rest  point locate at 4km,7km & 10km in mid way of the up hill road.Air along the journey is very fresh.the up hill road is surrounding by wood & green.It make us  feel release & enjoy our riding.Even is uphill but we all not really feel tired because of the environment.Today event,we have 3 guest(2 ladies & one guy),one the lady using a very mini sizes folding bike to follow us. Tyre of this bike is so small(maybe 10 inch),but she also willing to completed quarter of the journey.

About 11am, all the rider safely reach the top of Gunung Jerai(is total 1200 meter above sea lever).On top of this mountain have a very beautiful & relax country resort hotel. The food of this hotel a bit expensive, but for the environment is worth for it.After our foods,we all took some nice photo & go surrounding to have a site viewing.We can have a bird view to see whole Kedah padi field,is really nice & relax your mind.

About 1.00pm we start to roll down  & go home. As usual up hill is slope & down hill will be very fast & danger.Only 15 minute,we all reach the car park.How amazing is that,up hill nearly 3 hours but down hill is only used 15 minute.This event was very special to Team Vista,because this is first time Team Vista"RIDE FOR FUN" to another state.For sure we will be back again.But when? who know,maybe next year.If our rider is free & willing to drive 140 km to come here again.

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