Team Vista

Team Vista
Time for complete is nothing,Enjoy the journey is what we mean.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Why so many cyclist like to Ride For Fun ?

Wow! after Team Vista appeared in face book by April 2011,a lot of cycling friend keep on chat with us or send us a massage,What is Fun Cycling Team? or why must promote Fun Cycling Team ? The reason is very simple.1)Majority a lot of cyclist who start to join this sport in over age(same to us), 2) Cycling beside of competition still got a lot fun in it. 3)We believe casual cyclist or safety cyclist will be more than pro rider in the world.

To Team Vista,cycling is a simple sport like jogging,hiking etc...Would you jogging because you want to become a pro runner?Same to cycling,we only like to travel & enjoy the riding fun.So,if your friend laugh at you because you are weak or you are too slow.Just let him know."Hey. did you know,Lance Armstrong (world champion)already retire in your age or younger than you,now you only want to start training & speed.Why so particular to win or loose?we are just RIDE FOR FUN. HA HA HA "

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Team Vista Penang -Butterwort Fun Ride June 19-2011

As usual in 19-6-2011.Team Vista start our team event.This time we are going to mainland (Butterwoth.).In 6.30am, We gather all the Team Vista rider & some cycling friends in Relau.This event total have 23 cyclist in Penang & 3 cyclist wait for us in Butterworth.We ride along the Jelutong Highway to the ferry port (due to Penang bridge is not allow bicycle to cross).We reach ferry port at 7.30am,is lucky that we manage to catch the ferry boat at 7.30am (due to in morning all the ferry schedule is 30 minute once,if we mis this boat,we must wait until 8.00am).We using 20 minute to cross the sea by ferry.

At about 7.55am ,We start riding to the Bagan Luar Junction to meet 3 other cyclist.This event must thanks Kenny Lim,(the butterworth cyclist).He guide us to the new outer high way to round the Bagan luar ,Bagan Ajam & till Sungai Dua.Total distance of this outer high way is 40km.We also visit 9 king temple in Raja Uda. After that we stop at Bagan Luar coffee shop at 9.45am to enjoy the most famous Pork Leg noodle in Butterworth.We using 30 minute rest & enjoy our break fast. At about 10.20am, We all start to ride back to the Ferry port. We manage to catch the ferry by 10.45am.

In the ferry ,we took some nice photo & enjoy the wing from the sea.About 11.00am .the ferry reach the Penang Island port. We start to cycling back to Relau using the coming road. This total distance in this event is 60km & the time is using 4 hour. Due to is a slow fun ride,we all never feel tired .
This is a good trip & thanks for all the cycling friends who join with us,especially for Kenny Lim.Without him, we won't enjoy those great pork led noodle in Butterwoth.We will come back again.This is a real fun ride to TEAM VISTA.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Invisible Penang Island Tour Photo By : Alice & Betsy

The below is Team Vista photographer productions: By Alice Lee

The below is Team Vista photographer production by : Betsy Ling

Is it a good photo ? Both photographer have different style. But to Team Vista ,they all should have 5 star. Thanks again to Alice & Betsy.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Team Vista Invisible Penang Island Tour

This usual Team Vista have another team event begin. This time due to one of the rider father pass away,so he can't wear our team jersey.(due to TEAM VISTA jersey have too many red color),so the whole team decided not to wear our team jersey for this event.That's why,we name this even"Team Vista Invisible Penag Island Tour". We start from early in the morning at about 6.45am.This event beside of our team rider also have some new cycling friends to join us.Total have 21 cyclist on the roll.

We start from Relau via Paya Terubong hill road go to Farlim to have our break fast. Its took about 20 minute from Relau to Farlim,for the break fast we also took about 20 minute to finish, after that we start our Penang Island Tour.We use Boundary road cross the Penang Turf Club to Hill side. We all stop at Tanjung Bunga for a break & wait for some slow cyclist to arrive.After 10 minute break,we start  our journey again. We reach Teluk Bahang Dam at about 9.45am.This Day, Teluk Bahang Dam have a Dragon Boat Competition.Our main purpose to come here also because of this.

Alice & Betsy,our two young talent photographer already in the dam to waiting for us,They took a lot of nice photo for us.After 30 minute in the dam,we start to cycling back by Titi Kerawang(Kerawang brige) to Balik Pulau,from Teluk Bahang Dam  to Balik Pulau market food court ,is a bout 25 km.
We stop at the food court about 10.45am.In the food court,we took some coffee & soft drink.
We used 20 minute to finish our break,& start to climb the 45 degree slop hill road (Tun Sardun road) back to Relau.
Total distance of this event is 70 km & we used about 4 hours to complete it. This time, didn't have other cyclist recognize us,due to we all wear our own jersey.Because of nobody will know where is Team Vista ,we name this event:Team Vista Invisible Penang Island Tour.

Monday, 6 June 2011

5-6-2011 TEAM VISTA Ride With Friends.

This Sunday,Team Vista will have a long distance ride, This time is not fun ride.
At 6.30am we start at Relau & strait to Sungai Ara to meet up some cycling friends.

This trip we planning to goto Teluk Bahang U-turn. All ride is on road not off road ,the total distance is 75-80km.In this trip some small incident happen,our rider Alex his new paddle out of sudden loose out,so we took some time to help him to fix back,but the condition of the paddle still not good.Due to we already haft way to Balik Pulau ,so we remind Alex to ride slow to prevent the paddle loose again.This incident will take us about 30 minute delay to our expected time.

 Finally ,we reach Balik Pulau at about 9.00am; as usual we stop at the wet market food court to have our break first.After 30 minute,one of cycling friend suggest us go to one of the hardest trail in Penang island call Rapid Cross.

We all consider & agreed with his suggestion.This trail name Rapid Cross but is not really rapid for all the cyclist. The slope of the hill is about 40 degree & the distance is 5km without flat land.A lot of Team Vista rider is not riding is pushing the bike to the top.Is really tired & hard to climb for this trail.Is took us an hour to reach the top of the hill,really release & really tired.

Wait until   all cyclist arrived & we start ride to the mid way store(is a haft way hawker store from Relau to Balik Pulau In Tun Sardun Road).About 10.45am all the team rider & cycling friends already reach the store. They also bringing some thunder storm ,and the rain is falling down quickly & heavily.We meet another group of cyclist in this store ,off cause due to they are coming late then us;so they all wet.

At nearly 11.15am ,the rain is slow down,so we all decided to going down hill.We rode our bike with slow & precaution;due to thats a downhill tar road & the rain is keep on fallen.Finally ,we all reach Relau at about 11.30am. This trip for TEAM VISTA can be use two word to es press,That is extreme & tired ,off cause is fun too.But this fun definitely is not our slogan RIDE FOR FUN.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

(4-6-2011)TEAM VISTA Georgetown Heritage Fun Ride

This Saturday 4-5-2011 is Malaysia King birthday, due to is a national public holiday.So TEAM VISTA decided to have a special events. We arrange a soft ride from Relau to Penang Georgetown to visit Penang Heritage place. About 7am from Relau we start our journey to Penang island most historical & heritage center (Georgetown).
Total rider of this week is 18 persons.Is glad to see Mrs Leong,Girlie,Yap & new comer Keat to join our event.

We took about 25 minute from Jelutong Highway to reach  the old Penang Jetty.As usual we want to get some break first before start the travelling.The actual plan is go to have a nice Bak Kut Teh(Chinese herbal pork meat tea).but because of we all think Girlie is a Muslim;so we decided to change to a Halal break first.Sometime ,when the actual plan is change ,so is need time to fix it.So ,we round & round to look for halal food .finally we drop by at an local halal store (Old Town Coffee).This coffee shop is build in side a heritage place near Bishop street,is a beautiful area.

 About, 20 minute we settle our break fast, & we start to go around the heritage & historical place.
 One thing good for tourist, Georgetown Heritage area is very near & convenient, roughly 5 KM by walking distance you can visit all area in this place.
Of cause,we also took some nice photo.In Khoo Kong Xi(Khoo Temple) we also meet some Hong Kong tourist to took photo with us.

About 10am,our heritage ride is completed,so we start to riding back to Relau. Today,weather is so nice,not very hot & windy.We really enjoy this morning ride , nearly 10.30 am we reach Relau,& the Heritage ride for TEAM VISTA is end.

Ya, one mistake of this ride,actually Girlie is not a Muslim,if we know that we no need to round & round to change the plan.Next time if got new comer or friends to join us. We must check it out first;due to Malaysia is multi nation country.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

TEAM VISTA Hard Ride To Pondok Upek

This is an old story of 8-5-2011.Team Vista start their weekly event from tar road to Balik Pulau.At first The routine is only to Balik Pulau via Tun Sardun & ride back from Teluk Kumbar To Relau. At about 7.30am we start our fun journey,We take about 30 minute to reach the top of Tun Sardun road.After all the team rider arrived,We all took some nice photo & start to going down to Balik Pulau market. At roughly 8.20am we stop at the market food court & have our break first.We all enjoy the fried noodle & the coffee. We rest about 30 minute & start to going back to Relau. One of our giant rider Aun out of suddenly he said : is it today enough for us?or like to ride some more again.So.he suggest all of us going back by off road from Pondok Upek to Sungai Ara .Due to no objection ,the night mare is begin.

This off road not only narrow & very slope.All the team rider using push more than ride.The distance from the bottom of Pondok Upek to the top of the hill is roughly 6 -7 km.But we feel that is like more than 15 km.Is very tough & also very hard to balancing the bike as specially in a single trail.

We used nearly 1- half hour to reach the top of Pondok Upek.Really release when we all reach there.We using nearly 4 hour to complete our event.This time ,for TEAM VISTA is not Ride for Fun is Ride for HARD.

But one thing is good,we can show how the Team Work when we ride in this type of condition.Overall for this trip is feel a little bit tired but at least we all make it,& off cause thats fun too.