Team Vista

Team Vista
Time for complete is nothing,Enjoy the journey is what we mean.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Why so many cyclist like to Ride For Fun ?

Wow! after Team Vista appeared in face book by April 2011,a lot of cycling friend keep on chat with us or send us a massage,What is Fun Cycling Team? or why must promote Fun Cycling Team ? The reason is very simple.1)Majority a lot of cyclist who start to join this sport in over age(same to us), 2) Cycling beside of competition still got a lot fun in it. 3)We believe casual cyclist or safety cyclist will be more than pro rider in the world.

To Team Vista,cycling is a simple sport like jogging,hiking etc...Would you jogging because you want to become a pro runner?Same to cycling,we only like to travel & enjoy the riding fun.So,if your friend laugh at you because you are weak or you are too slow.Just let him know."Hey. did you know,Lance Armstrong (world champion)already retire in your age or younger than you,now you only want to start training & speed.Why so particular to win or loose?we are just RIDE FOR FUN. HA HA HA "


  1. i ride for fun burn calories..for health..let them enjoy..