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Team Vista
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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Penang Garden Ride July 31, 2011

Time have pass very fast, very soon another week for Team Vista event begin. This week our event title is Penang Garden ride.We are not round the small garden near our house. The event is to ride all the garden that we could go through Penang Island.Total distance will be 50 km & the time we need is roughly 4-5 hours. As usual We all gather in Relau(Team Vista starting point).7.00am sharp we flag off,This event we have total 23 cyclist including  12 Team Vista rider.Team Vista is slowly glow become a big group from earlier 15 rider weekly ride until 25 to 30 cyclist in a week.
We start from Relau via Bukit Jambul road to Bukit Gambir road. In Bukit Gambir road there got a small slop roughly 45 degree tar road up hill.The distance is short(about 1 Km) ,but for some new comer is already give them a pleasure.Near by the Bukit Gambir road that's a small hill behind it.On top that small hill have a chinese temple, We also climb up to that hill to check in to the chinese temple.Is a very slop & hard trail to that temple ,but our cyclist manage to complete with out pushing the bike.We use 20 minute to rest at the temple than we start ride to another venue Penag Youth Park (Taman Bandar Raya).
From Bukit Gambir to Youth Park is about 30 minute ride,we all reach Youth Park at 8.50am.Youth park is a land mark garden in Penang island,have a very beautiful view & surrounding with all the  wood & flower. After a 15 minute stop, we ride to another land mark & historical garden in Penang (Botanical Garden) this is an oldest public garden in Penang island. From Youth Park to Botanical Garden is very near, about 2 km ride.We stop at road side fruit store to have some fresh fruit juice & meet our team photographer there. We took some nice photo & rest a bout 20 minute, Than we decided to use Gurney Drive( the outer beach road) to ride back to Relau.
On the way back, we also stop at the Tan Bridge(one of the historical place)to have our break fast.We took 30 minute to have a rest & finish our meal. At 11.15am, we all start to ride back to Relau. We used Jelutong high way through Bayan Baru to Relau,when we reach Relau is nearly 12.00pm.
Sound like this event is easy.but due to have some new beginner cyclist to join us; for them is a bit hard & tired.But its ok,they also feel that it is really fun & enjoy the event & want to have another trip like this again.

Ya,our team photographer also took a lot of nice photo in this event. We will public soon when the photo is ready.

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