Team Vista

Team Vista
Time for complete is nothing,Enjoy the journey is what we mean.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The History of Team Vista

Team Vista is form by a group of Penang Island cyclist who like to travel & enjoy through cycling in DEC 2010.
The word:Vista,is a Italian word means View. it suit us because only by cycling we can see a lot of the different views in our surrounding that can't be seen when you are driving the car.

Team Vista is not a speedy racing cycling team. Our mission is to travel,enjoy & have fun through the cycling journey. For us time of complete is not an issue enjoy the journey is what we want.Thats why our team slogan is Ride For Fun.

Today our lovely earth is injured. Hope that every one will give a little bit commitment to help this major issue.If everyone take care of this issue,
it will help our future world will be more & more better.
Finally, hope all the  cyclist ride safe & Ride For Fun !

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