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Team Vista
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lets See How Team Vista Grow .

Team Vista  is establish in December of 2010.From beginning about 6 members until 28 members in today. Lets see how Team Vista glow & change.
June 2010 only 6 cycling friends gathering week end ride with no jersey & team .

Dec 2010 members increase to 10  & the first 2010 Team Vista  jersey.

In June 2011 ,member increase to 18 persons & 2011 Team Vista  jersey.

In September 2011 member already increase to 28 persons.

Jan 2012 Team Vista  with 2012  team jersey.

Remark: Team Vista will keep on to share our happiness to all the cycling friends in the world. Hope every one RIDE FOR FUN!

Top Article In Year 2011

 In year 2011 ,Team Vista Penang have public a lot of story & article. The below is the top 3 article already been view more than a thousand & gain more attraction from the cyclist all over the world .Lets review it again!

1)Bicycle been stolen again! 脚车又被偷!

Lets see the article here(2380 page view in 2011):

2)Don't Join The Wrong Cycling Team.别選錯脚车隊伍

Let see the article here(2145 page view in 2011):

3)Why so many cyclist like to Ride For Fun ?

Let see the article here(2007 page view in 2011):

Hope the above article will let you more understand the cycling sport. Lets us Ride for Fun in this 2012 again! Thank you for viewing.