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Team Vista
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Lite & Easy Ride July 24, 2011

On 24,July 2011. Team Vista is having a team event on this Sunday morning,.the event we name it Lite & Easy Ride. Is specially arrange for some new cyclist to join with us. As usual we start at 7.00am at Relau .The routine for this event is from Relau to Sungai Ara &  Batu Maung. Total distance is 37 km.This time is have have 25 cyclist to join with us.

First, we ride to Changkat Sungai Ara hill road,This road is slightly slope & let the new comer to train their skill for up hill.After that we travel to small off road from Kenali to Sp Setia.This off road is a very short distance to let the new comer to feel how to ride in off road. All the new comer is happy have the up hill climb & off road ride.We rest at Sp Setia club house for 5 minute than, we start to ride to Batu Maung.Via the Batu Maung road we can see the Penang air port,& also can view the plan take off & landing. its a fantatic experiences for some new comer especially for those cyclist came from Butterwoth.

We also travel to Kampung Tempoya(a small fishing village near Batu Maung). after that we go to Batu Maung market to have a great taste Hock Kien Mee(Prawn Noodle).About 30 minute, then we start to ride back to ReLau.We reach Relau about 11.00am.
This event is really good for beginner. Its Easy,Cheerful & Enjoy,even the journey is not long, but for all the new comer is enough for them to enjoy the ride.


  1. training for event pangkor international MTB ya.. :)

  2. Thanks for comments. Lets share our cycling fun to all the cyclist & have a peace & safety cycling sport to the world.