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Monday, 5 September 2011

Penang Historical Temple Ride & Malaysia National Day Ride (August 28 /31, 2011)

Sorry for the late public last week events story(due to long holiday,must take a rest with family). First,let see the event of Historical Temple ride (28-8-2011).As usual we start at 7.00am at Relau. This time the route is very shot. is really a fun ride,simple & very easy ride.We using Lintang Bukit Jambul cross to Bukit Gambir.From Jalan Bukit Gambir we ride to Jalan Majlis Negeri & use Jalan Batu Lancang to enter Jalan Ayer Itam & go to Jalan Bukit Bendera .
The Historical Chinese temple is below Bukit Bendera( Penang hill).By 8.45am we already reach the temple. This Temple is call Tee Kong Thuar(is mean Heaven God Temple). its already in Penang island more than 100 year.Every the nine day of Chinese New Year,a lot of Hock Kien people from Malaysia will come hear to pray. According to the believer of the Heaven God,this day also is his Birthday.We also can see the newly build railway from the side of the temple.The train is only carry passenger to Penang hill.This event is good for some new biker.Simple & easy,Total distance is only 28 Km & the time is only use 3 hour to complete.If you are new biker you also can arrange this type of event & enjoy the ride.

Ok,now let see the second event.This event also is fun ride,but a little bit harder than the Historical Temple ride. Due to 31 of August is Malaysia national day,so we named this event Malaysia National Day ride. We started this event in 7.30am.from Relau. We want to go to the place is call Carpet. Its not a real carpet,(due to this place is on top of the hill of Sungai Ara & cover by a piece of nice green glass flat land;)so Penang cyclist all call it Carpet.Its a off road & climbing event.We using Lintang Sungai Ara to enter the wood, all the road we rode is country road.On the side of the country road,also can see some small river & nice natural country side. After some easy & enjoy ride,before 2 km to Carpet;that's a small challenge. A 60 degree slop hill(local guy call it Antenna) we must climb before reach to the destination.Its not an easy climb for this slop ,some of the rider also must pushing their bike to climb the slop too. After cross the(Antenna)than you will feel very easy to reach Carpet. At 8.45am,we already complete the journey.

This event is a very short distance event,is only 20km ride.But due to is a off road & must climb some slop hill,so is slightly harder than the Historical Temple ride.Last week two event also is a fun ride event,but that's a different feel of off road & on road riding.For some new friend who join us last week,they said they really happy to have a two different style of fun ride in a week.Hope that TEAM VISTA will organise this type of event for them again. 

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