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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Team Vista Balik Pulau Song Song Ride July 10, 2011

Last Sunday, due to some rider go to join the Kayuh Bendang Jamboree, So we decided to arrange a small fun ride event name Song Song ride(means enjoy ).The routine is from Relau to Balik Pulau & return to Relau via Tun Sardun road.

As usual we start at 7am flag off from Relau via Sungai Ara to Balik Pulau. this trip,Team Vista meet some new cycling friend,total of the cyclist in this event is 21 persons.One of the new cycling friend also carry a small Mp3 player & play music along the trip. The weather of this day is excellent,bright sunny day & cold wing plus have music all along;it is really a "Song Song" ride. At around 9am we  reach Balik Pulau Market,thats a place that a lot of cyclist drop by to have their break fast or rest point.

It take about 30 minuet we all finish our break fast & start to go.The way from Relau to Balik Pulau is easy,but the way back is a bit challenge to all the cyclist.Due to we must cross a very slop Tun Sardun road ( about 45 degree & 5km)to Relau.This road is not easy must use your skill & patience to reach the top.About 35 minute we all safely reach there. We took some nice photo & rest about 20 minute.After every one recover their energy we decided to go home.

At about 11am,we all reach Relau,& take a rest in the Relau market coffee shop.
The distance of this  event is about 40km & the time we took is about 4 hour.Its not really hard(only Tun Sardun road),beside of that we have music, sunny day & nice view along the journey.So, i think the trip is suit for this title Song Song ride.

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