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Team Vista
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Team Vista Penang -Butterwort Fun Ride June 19-2011

As usual in 19-6-2011.Team Vista start our team event.This time we are going to mainland (Butterwoth.).In 6.30am, We gather all the Team Vista rider & some cycling friends in Relau.This event total have 23 cyclist in Penang & 3 cyclist wait for us in Butterworth.We ride along the Jelutong Highway to the ferry port (due to Penang bridge is not allow bicycle to cross).We reach ferry port at 7.30am,is lucky that we manage to catch the ferry boat at 7.30am (due to in morning all the ferry schedule is 30 minute once,if we mis this boat,we must wait until 8.00am).We using 20 minute to cross the sea by ferry.

At about 7.55am ,We start riding to the Bagan Luar Junction to meet 3 other cyclist.This event must thanks Kenny Lim,(the butterworth cyclist).He guide us to the new outer high way to round the Bagan luar ,Bagan Ajam & till Sungai Dua.Total distance of this outer high way is 40km.We also visit 9 king temple in Raja Uda. After that we stop at Bagan Luar coffee shop at 9.45am to enjoy the most famous Pork Leg noodle in Butterworth.We using 30 minute rest & enjoy our break fast. At about 10.20am, We all start to ride back to the Ferry port. We manage to catch the ferry by 10.45am.

In the ferry ,we took some nice photo & enjoy the wing from the sea.About 11.00am .the ferry reach the Penang Island port. We start to cycling back to Relau using the coming road. This total distance in this event is 60km & the time is using 4 hour. Due to is a slow fun ride,we all never feel tired .
This is a good trip & thanks for all the cycling friends who join with us,especially for Kenny Lim.Without him, we won't enjoy those great pork led noodle in Butterwoth.We will come back again.This is a real fun ride to TEAM VISTA.


  1. You are great bike team ,yes,ride for fun !

    Arthur from Taiwan

    1. If all the casual rider like to Ride For Fun, This game will be more fun & more safety.thanks for comments & like Team Vista Penang.