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Team Vista
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Sunday, 5 June 2011

(4-6-2011)TEAM VISTA Georgetown Heritage Fun Ride

This Saturday 4-5-2011 is Malaysia King birthday, due to is a national public holiday.So TEAM VISTA decided to have a special events. We arrange a soft ride from Relau to Penang Georgetown to visit Penang Heritage place. About 7am from Relau we start our journey to Penang island most historical & heritage center (Georgetown).
Total rider of this week is 18 persons.Is glad to see Mrs Leong,Girlie,Yap & new comer Keat to join our event.

We took about 25 minute from Jelutong Highway to reach  the old Penang Jetty.As usual we want to get some break first before start the travelling.The actual plan is go to have a nice Bak Kut Teh(Chinese herbal pork meat tea).but because of we all think Girlie is a Muslim;so we decided to change to a Halal break first.Sometime ,when the actual plan is change ,so is need time to fix it.So ,we round & round to look for halal food .finally we drop by at an local halal store (Old Town Coffee).This coffee shop is build in side a heritage place near Bishop street,is a beautiful area.

 About, 20 minute we settle our break fast, & we start to go around the heritage & historical place.
 One thing good for tourist, Georgetown Heritage area is very near & convenient, roughly 5 KM by walking distance you can visit all area in this place.
Of cause,we also took some nice photo.In Khoo Kong Xi(Khoo Temple) we also meet some Hong Kong tourist to took photo with us.

About 10am,our heritage ride is completed,so we start to riding back to Relau. Today,weather is so nice,not very hot & windy.We really enjoy this morning ride , nearly 10.30 am we reach Relau,& the Heritage ride for TEAM VISTA is end.

Ya, one mistake of this ride,actually Girlie is not a Muslim,if we know that we no need to round & round to change the plan.Next time if got new comer or friends to join us. We must check it out first;due to Malaysia is multi nation country.

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