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Team Vista
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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

TEAM VISTA Hard Ride To Pondok Upek

This is an old story of 8-5-2011.Team Vista start their weekly event from tar road to Balik Pulau.At first The routine is only to Balik Pulau via Tun Sardun & ride back from Teluk Kumbar To Relau. At about 7.30am we start our fun journey,We take about 30 minute to reach the top of Tun Sardun road.After all the team rider arrived,We all took some nice photo & start to going down to Balik Pulau market. At roughly 8.20am we stop at the market food court & have our break first.We all enjoy the fried noodle & the coffee. We rest about 30 minute & start to going back to Relau. One of our giant rider Aun out of suddenly he said : is it today enough for us?or like to ride some more again.So.he suggest all of us going back by off road from Pondok Upek to Sungai Ara .Due to no objection ,the night mare is begin.

This off road not only narrow & very slope.All the team rider using push more than ride.The distance from the bottom of Pondok Upek to the top of the hill is roughly 6 -7 km.But we feel that is like more than 15 km.Is very tough & also very hard to balancing the bike as specially in a single trail.

We used nearly 1- half hour to reach the top of Pondok Upek.Really release when we all reach there.We using nearly 4 hour to complete our event.This time ,for TEAM VISTA is not Ride for Fun is Ride for HARD.

But one thing is good,we can show how the Team Work when we ride in this type of condition.Overall for this trip is feel a little bit tired but at least we all make it,& off cause thats fun too.

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