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Team Vista
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Monday, 6 June 2011

5-6-2011 TEAM VISTA Ride With Friends.

This Sunday,Team Vista will have a long distance ride, This time is not fun ride.
At 6.30am we start at Relau & strait to Sungai Ara to meet up some cycling friends.

This trip we planning to goto Teluk Bahang U-turn. All ride is on road not off road ,the total distance is 75-80km.In this trip some small incident happen,our rider Alex his new paddle out of sudden loose out,so we took some time to help him to fix back,but the condition of the paddle still not good.Due to we already haft way to Balik Pulau ,so we remind Alex to ride slow to prevent the paddle loose again.This incident will take us about 30 minute delay to our expected time.

 Finally ,we reach Balik Pulau at about 9.00am; as usual we stop at the wet market food court to have our break first.After 30 minute,one of cycling friend suggest us go to one of the hardest trail in Penang island call Rapid Cross.

We all consider & agreed with his suggestion.This trail name Rapid Cross but is not really rapid for all the cyclist. The slope of the hill is about 40 degree & the distance is 5km without flat land.A lot of Team Vista rider is not riding is pushing the bike to the top.Is really tired & hard to climb for this trail.Is took us an hour to reach the top of the hill,really release & really tired.

Wait until   all cyclist arrived & we start ride to the mid way store(is a haft way hawker store from Relau to Balik Pulau In Tun Sardun Road).About 10.45am all the team rider & cycling friends already reach the store. They also bringing some thunder storm ,and the rain is falling down quickly & heavily.We meet another group of cyclist in this store ,off cause due to they are coming late then us;so they all wet.

At nearly 11.15am ,the rain is slow down,so we all decided to going down hill.We rode our bike with slow & precaution;due to thats a downhill tar road & the rain is keep on fallen.Finally ,we all reach Relau at about 11.30am. This trip for TEAM VISTA can be use two word to es press,That is extreme & tired ,off cause is fun too.But this fun definitely is not our slogan RIDE FOR FUN.

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